Jörg Zimmermann

Address Institute of Computer Science III
University of Bonn
Römerstr. 164
53117 Bonn, Germany
OfficeRoom A 208
Phone+49 228 73 4530
Fax+49 228 73 4382
Email jz@iai.uni-bonn.de

Research Interests

 I am currently working on the foundations of machine learning and the application of evolutionary algorithms to
Real World learning problems. The search for foundations of machine learning leads to three main questions:
 In the long run, a general learning system should be able to detect as many regularities in its percept stream as possible,
while dealing sensibly with the inherent uncertainty of predictions based on a finite amount of data.



B-IT Research School: Workshop June 27. - 28., 2011

Participants of the WNA 2011-Workshop (from left to right): Yupeng Cun, Ashutosh Malhotra, Paurush Praveen, Mikael Gast, Mufassra Naz, Seraya Maouche, Steve Horvath, Khalid Abnaof, Katrin Illner, Jörg Zimmermann.