POLITeam Project 

- development of cooperation tools to support Bonn-Berlin government
- University of Bonn Research Topic: Communication and Co-operation Systems


The Institute for Computer Science III of the University of Bonn is a partner in the POLITeam Project, which is being pursued under the auspices of the new Telekooperation POLIKOM research program instituted by the Federal Minister for Research and Technology. The goal of this program is the development of telecooperation systems which support the cooperation between the distributed governmental functions between Bonn and Berlin, as well as the intensification of European cooperation.

Specific goal of the POLITeam project consortia is the development of an integrative groupware-system that provides a comprehensive support for spatially distributed, asynchronous work. The following POLITeam components are of major relevance for the work of the Institute for Computer Science III:

All components are presented in an integrated form, through a common interface, which makes complex cooperational relationships easy to grasp and control. The total system is based upon a distributed object management system.

PoliTeam pursues a strategy of cooperative and evolutionary work in league with users. Representatives of potential end-users from public administration and industry have therefore been involved in the project from its inception. The technical basis for the system is an already-available groupware solution, "LinkWorks"(TM), which is being tested in conjunction with the pilot partners and which will, in subsequent project phases, be iteratively extended. The following figure illustrates the evolutionary aspect of POLITeam. Rather short cycles of system use and adaptation are enhanced by system redesign when necessary. Adaptation can be partly performed by the end-users who are also strongly involved in redesign issues.

It is anticipated that concrete application of the initial system in everyday work environments will lead, in conjunction with feedback from the application partners, to the determination of further requirements for coordinating support systems. These will in turn prompt new developments which will themselves be tested in the field.

Points of Emphasis

The Institute for Computer Science III as a member of the POLITeam research alliance is particularly working on the following topics.

Integrated Organization and Technology Development (OTE)

Methods of Participative System Development Conflict Management Information Service Access Rights for Groupware

Selected Papers

Cooperation Partners

The POLITeam research alliance consists of Application partners are:

Uni Bonn Project Members

Volker Wulf, Oliver Stiemerling,, Volkmar Pipek, Helge Kahler, Torsten Engelskirchen,, Markus Won
Contact by email: volker@informatik.uni-bonn.de

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