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  • Daniel Gomes, Elena Demidova, Jane Winters, Thomas Risse (Eds.) The Past Web. Exploring Web Archives. Springer. To appear.
  • Nicolas Tempelmeier and Elena Demidova. (2021) Linking OpenStreetMap with knowledge graphs – Link discovery for schema-agnostic volunteered geographic information. Future Generation Computer Systems 116 (2021) 349-364. Elsevier. [accepted version] [URL]
  • Nicolas Tempelmeier, Udo Feuerhake, Oskar Wage, and Elena Demidova. Mining topological dependencies of recurrent congestion in road networks. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(4), 2021 [URL]
  • Rajjat Dadwal, Thorben Funke, Elena Demidova. An Adaptive Clustering Approach for Accident Prediction. In Proc. of the 24th IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC 2021), 2021, accepted, to appear. 
  • Ashutosh Sao, Nicolas Tempelmeier, Elena Demidova. Deep Information Fusion for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Occupancy Forecasting. In Proc. of the 24th IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC 2021), 2021, accepted, to appear.


  • Nicolas Tempelmeier, Stefan Dietze, Elena Demidova: Crosstown traffic - supervised prediction of impact of planned special events on urban traffic. GeoInformatica 24(2): 339-370 (2020) [URL]
  • Gerhard Gossen, Thomas Risse, Elena Demidova: Towards extracting event-centric collections from Web archives. Int. J. Digit. Libr. 21(1): 31-45 (2020) [URL]
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  • Tarcísio Souza Costa, Simon Gottschalk, Elena Demidova: Event-QA: A Dataset for Event-Centric Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. CIKM 2020: 3157-3164 [accepted version] [URL]
  • Anisa Rula, Amrapali Zaveri, Elena Simperl, Elena Demidova (Eds). Special Issue on Quality Assessment of Knowledge Graphs Dedicated to the Memory of Amrapali Zaveri. ACM J. Data Inf. Qual. 12(2), 2020 [URL]
  • Sara Abdollahi, Simon Gottschalk, Elena Demidova: EventKG+Click: A Dataset of Language-specific Event-centric User Interaction Traces. CLEOPATRA@ESWC 2020: 32-42 [URL]
  • Simon Gottschalk, Elena Demidova: EventKG+BT: Generation of Interactive Biography Timelines from a Knowledge Graph. ESWC 2020 (Satellite Events): 91-97 [accepted version] [URL]


  • Simon Gottschalk, Elena Demidova: EventKG - the hub of event knowledge on the web - and biographical timeline generation. Semantic Web 10(6): 1039-1070 (2019) [accepted version] [URL]
  • Nicolas Tempelmeier, Udo Feuerhake, Oskar Wage, Elena Demidova: ST-Discovery: Data-Driven Discovery of Structural Dependencies in Urban Road Networks. SIGSPATIAL/GIS 2019: 488-491 [URL]
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  • Simon Gottschalk, Elena Demidova: HapPenIng: Happen, Predict, Infer - Event Series Completion in a Knowledge Graph. ISWC (1) 2019: 200-218 [accepted version] [URL]
  • Nicolas Tempelmeier, Yannick Rietz, Iryna Lishchuk, Tina Kruegel, Olaf Mumm, Vanessa Miriam Carlow, Stefan Dietze, Elena Demidova: Data4UrbanMobility: Towards Holistic Data Analytics for Mobility Applications in Urban Regions. WWW (Companion Volume) 2019: 137-145 [accepted version] [URL]
  • Stefan Dietze, Elena Demidova, Konstantin Todorov: RDF Dataset Profiling. Encyclopedia of Big Data Technologies 2019. [URL]


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