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Information Retrieval Courses

In summer semester 2022 we offer the following courses in Information Retrieval:

Computer Science (Master of Science)

MA-INF 4230 - Advanced Methods of Information Retrieval 

This module introduces the students to the advanced methods, data structures, and algorithms of information retrieval for structured and semi-structured data (including, for example, knowledge graphs, relational data, and tabular data). At the end of the module, the students will be capable of choosing appropriate data structures and retrieval algorithms for specific applications and correctly apply relevant statistical and machine learning-based information retrieval procedures. The module topics include data structures, ranking methods, and efficient algorithms that enable end-users to effectively obtain the most relevant search results from structured, heterogeneous, and distributed data sources. Furthermore, we will study the corresponding evaluation techniques as well as novel applications.
MA-INF 4231 - Seminar Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval
This module concentrates on specialized topics in information retrieval. The students obtain skills in the independent, in-depth study of state-of-the-art scientific literature on specific topics, discussion with their peers and presentation to the scientific audience. We address statistical and machine learning-based information retrieval methods, including typical steps of the information retrieval process: data collection, feature extraction, indexing, retrieval, ranking, and evaluation. Specialized data representation and retrieval methods for selected data types and applications in specific domains.
MA-INF 4232 - Lab Information Retrieval in Practice
This module concentrates on the practical application of information retrieval methods to solve retrieval problems on real-world data and evaluate proposed solutions. Participants acquire basic knowledge and practical experience in designing and implementing information retrieval systems for specific data types and applications.

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